Are your officers trained for the worst case scenario?


STOPS training is specifically designed to keep your officers alive.

Survival Training Solutions was built to help agencies protect their officers. Our training programs have been designed for supplementing the training these officers already receive. Our mission will always be to help all officers get home to the loved ones when their shift ends.

We offer two training programs.
Your Law Enforcement Officers will benefit from both!

STOPS Training

Stops Training SAVES lives.

The STOPS program is based upon research from officers that have been injured or killed in the line of duty. We developed strategies and tactics that counter these assaults, which greatly increases the officer’s survival probability. The STOPS program is nationally and internationally recognized as the leading program in tactical/officer survival training.

Non Lethal Combatives

Non Lethal Combatives Training from Survival Training Solutions

Your officers need to be equipped with the skills and training to handle combative situations without prematurely escalating to lethal options. Our Non Lethal Combatives Training is specifically designed to give your officers the best chance at ensuring both sides survive confrontation.

  • Owner and Lead Trainer
  • Law Enforcement Officer for 11 years
  • STOPS Instructor Trainer
  • Close Quarter Combat Certified - Dr. Whitesell, PTS
  • Taser Certified Instructor - Taser International
  • OC Instructor - Safariland
  • SFST Instructor - NHTSA
    • CPR Certified Instructor - American Heart Association
    • Contributing Author for
STOP Training Day 1

Training Day 1

STOPS Training Day 1 starts with an introduction and moves directly in to threat assessment. It's critical that officers understand where threats come from, what threats looks like, and how to position themselves to be least exposed. Day 1 will change your officers' view of the traffic stop and significantly increase their chances of making it home!
STOPS Training Day 2

Training Day 2

STOPS Training Day 2 focuses on traffic stops and the dangers that are inherent with them. Day 2 focuses on low and unknown risk traffic stops. We will also cover both accidental and felonious encounters.
STOPS Training Day 3

Training Day 3

STOPS Training Day 3 focuses on what happens when an encounter escalates. What happens when the violator stops being compliant and starts being combative? What are your options? What is your plan? Do you know how to spot an ambush? Are you ready for an unseen firearm? Day 3 will teach you how to spot potential threats and how to plan a conditioned response.
STOPS Training Day 4

Training Day 4

STOPS Training Day 4 is a final review day for the test. We require your officers to pass our final test with at least a 90%. These tactics are truly life saving when executed correctly. It's because of this that we will not pass an officer simply for going through the course. When we put our seal of approval on an officer, it's because they've earned it!

You want to know the best part of STOPS Training? It's designed to turn your best officers into instructors. This allows your department to self train and save THOUSANDS!


Ready to train your officers?

Let's talk about how STOPS can better equip your department.

Survival Training Solutions offers four sections of Non Lethal Combatives Training. We can offer each in increments to maximize efficiency for your department. Let's talk about what your officers need and how we can help them get the training they deserve.

STS offers Hand to Hand Non Lethal Combatives Training

Hand To Hand Combatitives

During this block of instruction officers learn how to defend themselves against attacks with personal weapons (hands, feet, etc.). In addition to defending themselves in a confrontation, through this program, officers will learn how to transition to the offensive with the use of personal weapons and to safely take effect an arrest.
STS offers Choke Defenses Non Lethal Combatives Training

Choke Defenses

Chokes are personal and life threatening attacks. This program teaches officers how to defend against chokes from the front, rear, and sides in order to stay in the fight. After effectively defending against a choke, officers can transition to hand-to-hand combatives in order to effect and arrest.
STS offers Ground Combatitives Non Lethal Combatives Training

Ground Combatives

The majority of fights go to the ground. For a police officer, there are several reasons why this is not ideal. This program teaches officers how to effectively defend themselves from ground attacks with an emphasis on getting back up!
STS offers Weapons Defense and Takeaways Non Lethal Combatives Training

Defense Against Weapons and Takeaways

Weapons are a very real part of combatives against law enforcement. This program teaches officers in defenses and takeaways against several weapons variants (i.e.: gun, knife, stick).
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