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Training programs for law enforcement.

Officers are dying because they aren't trained to survive. You can fix that; and we can help.


Survival Training Solutions exists to help agencies protect their officers. Our training programs are designed to supplement the training your officers already receive. Our mission will always be to provide relevant, dynamic, and realistic training designed to help all officers get home to their loved ones when their shift ends. Period.


Why Choose Us?

We Promote and Strongly Impact:

  • Officer Confidence

  • Survival Mindset

  • Stress Management during Use of Force

  • Positive Muscle Memory

  • Conditioned Responses to an Ambush Attack

What We Offer

We offer courses for every level of officer. Officer survival is everyone's business. Our instructors are veteran teachers and respected in their disciplines. We pay close attention to detail so every officer can get the individual attention they need. We find it imperative that every officer leaves with the tools necessary to be confident and effective in the lawful execution of their duties.

Strategies and Tactics of Patrol Stops (STOPS)

STOPS training is specifically designed to keep your officers alive.  The STOPS program is nationally accredited (IADLEST) and based on over 35 years of research from officers that have been injured or killed in the line of duty. We continue to develop strategies and tactics that counter these ambush assaults, which greatly increases the officer’s survival probability. The STOPS program is nationally and internationally recognized as the leading program in tactical/officer survival training.

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Less Lethal Combatives

Every officer needs to be equipped with the skills and training to handle combative situations without prematurely escalating to lethal options. Our Less Lethal Combatives Training is specifically designed to give your officers the best chance at ensuring both sides survive physical confrontation.

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“It's better to have a plan go unneeded than a need go unplanned.”

— Sanford Swanson